Extensions - Agregore Browser

Here's some info about how to use web extensions in Agregore Browser.

Installing extensions

Agregore doesn't yet support loading extensions from app stores or zip files, but you can place the extracted extensions inside a folder for it to load.

Click on Help > Open Extension Folder in the application menu on any window to open up your extensions folder.

You can drop folders in here to have them load when Agregore starts up.

For a list of APIs that are supported, please look at the Electron Extensions module.

Agregore comes with two built-in extensions. A basic ad blocker, and the history tracking extension.

You can change the location of your extensions folder by editing your .agregorerc config file.

This can be done by clicking Help > Edit Configuration File, then adding in the following contents:

  "extensions": {
    "dir": "/your/extensions/folder/here"